Prohibit Unveiling Colombia International Disbursements With Gambling Websites

Prohibit Unveiling Colombia International Disbursements With Gambling Websites

The Colombian Government has long been uncertain about overseas sites that promote their resident’s internet gaming best online casino singapore. But the network surrounding these operators is now poised completely to shut. Colombian regulators are trying to push international online gambling, so that in future players will be able to choose a substantially smaller number of legal game venues. This means that existing recommendations are implemented.

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Planning to use

Regulators have warned that this week they are planning to use methods to prevent payments to international playgrounds and shut off international operators’ potential to penetrate the Colombian market. The Head of the Coljuegos Gaming Regulator, Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo, announced earlier this week that the Organization intended to tighten up the regulating levels and essentially ban what it called ‘illegal casual games.’ His statements were presented during the accountability event, an annual event organised by the Ministry of Finance in this year’s event.

Operators expected 

The international operators continued by competing with local licenced operators “literally steal resources on behalf of the health of Colombians,” a statement stemming from the fact that international operators are not paying the government of Colombia tax in the way the new Colombian licenced operators are obliged to do.

Colombia was the historic first country to make legal internet gambling the first competence in South America. In March this year,, a localised Colombia-based operator, received its first licence with additional companies projected to get the requisite start-up during the rest of this year.

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A blacklist of casino operators has been set up by the Coljuegos Regulatory Authority to encouragement those who were not domestically licenced to welcome Colombian players to release from the market on time for local providers to enter. Hidalgo expanded this strategy to Internet providers in its presentation to physically restrict links to sites that are legally functioning within the Colombian market, according to Hidalgo.

So far, according to top regulator officials the strategy has not been without its “technical problems” — a reality reflected in the experiences of other regulators who take similar hard-line methods worldwide. This has led to the transition to page processors and authorities are in the midst of developing measures to deny payments to these operators in meetings with financial services businesses.

Colombian regulators’ experience to far is comparable to that of other authorities who have sought to address comparable concerns. The challenge with licencing agencies resides in the decentralised nature of the Internet and in the fact that governments are highly restricted in their control of the components of the internet.


Operate worldwide 

Most organisations operate worldwide from a single country, as is usual in entirely online fields like online gambling. In certain situations, they may be licenced in numerous countries, but may, for business reasons, be essentially located in a single, generally low-tax jurisdiction. As a consequence, numerous foreign operators are free to contact citizens almost everywhere in the globe and reach the local regulators. This reality of reality now challenges Colombian officials’ ambitions to build a monopoly on state-licensed internet gambling, which is a major part in their policy approach to the legalisation and regulation of online gambling.

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